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Sr Tax Reporting Associate - Req. 1901535


Job Summary:


Interpret and apply Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax regulations to client accounts to reflect the proper application of the law. Assist Financial Advisors, branch, and operation center associates with tax reporting.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


• Assure compliance with tax related issues.

• Assist on all job functions of Tax Associate I, including reviewing and balancing of their work.

• Research and correct more complicated tax issues.

• Gather documentation for IRS audit.

• File 945 and/or 1042 Form with the IRS.

• Document balancing procedures for the IRS.

• Update and maintain records to comply with tax regulations.

• Audit withholding to make deposits with the IRS.

• Must be able to apply the rules on a daily basis to determine proper withholding and to make deposits.

• Review customer account and stock record activity to determine when a tax file adjustment is required.

• Review and explain various tax forms (W-8, W-9, 1099, 1042, 2439) and the use of the forms.

• Set up, run, and check tax file adjustment entries.

• Review 1099 and 1042 questions and issues and be able to resolve them within the guidelines of the IRS regulations.

• Report Puerto Rican Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA’s) bonds.

• Process and update Treasury Bill information.

• Assist with 1099-R and 5498 reporting for IRAs

• Assists in training others.

• Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

• General office practices, procedures, and methods

• Tax reporting concepts, practices and procedures.

• TEFRA regulations for withholding, securities, and IRS filing requirements for Forms 1099, 2439, 945, 1042, 1042S.

Skill in:

• Analyzing and adjusting basic transaction and account balance discrepancies.

• Gathering and compiling information.

• Operating standard office equipment and using required software applications to produce correspondence, electronic communication and maintain spreadsheets and databases.

Ability to:

• Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with all organizational levels.

• Read and understand complex IRS regulations and accounts.

• Identify and resolve tax problems.

• Demonstrate efficiency and flexibility in performing detailed transactional tasks in a fast-paced work environment with frequent interruptions, changing priorities, and deadlines.

• Provide a high level of customer service.

Educational/Previous Experience Requirements:

• Bachelor degree with a concentration in related area


• Associate’s degree and a minimum of one (1) year of tax reporting or accounting experience.


• None required.

Raymond James Guiding Behaviors

At Raymond James our associates use five guiding behaviors (Develop, Collaborate, Decide, Deliver, Improve) to deliver on the firm's core values of client-first, integrity, independence and a conservative, long-term view.

    We expect our associates at all levels to:
  • • Grow professionally and inspire others to do the same
  • • Work with and through others to achieve desired outcomes
  • • Make prompt, pragmatic choices and act with the client in mind
  • • Take ownership and hold themselves and others accountable for delivering results that matter
  • • Contribute to the continuous evolution of the firm